About Us

Three Rivers Consultants is an industry leader in providing construction management at risk services. Our comprehensive experience and technical skills bring an unequaled resource to your project.

At Three Rivers Consultants, our people are our most valuable asset. We commit a qualified team to deliver your projects on time, exceeding all quality and value client expectations. Collaborating for over 2 decades, Three Rivers’ principals have built a strong and successful record and reputation for delivering technically and logistically challenging projects. Our diverse portfolio spreads across the construction marketplace, as well as the financial and engineering sectors.

Our headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina as well as having satellite offices Raleigh, NC and Pittsburgh, PA. Our work is done mainly on the East Coast reaching from New York all the way down to Florida and Georgia, but Three Rivers Consultants has completed projects in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana and Mississippi. As well as Overseas in Japan, Italy and Germany.

Our advantage is that we know how to do everything and do every single aspect of the construction industry. So our clients won’t have to be searching for companies that all together will give them the final product, but for just a company in which they can trust, and know that everything that needs to be done is going to be done and in the right way.

Networking is an essential part of our company. The advantage of being a diverse firm is that most of the people see the final product, and that is how they get to know about us.

Our Culture

The Three Rivers culture begins with a fundamental principle that drives our behavior: Client Expectations is our passion. We live a philosophy of mutual respect – continually exceeding your project delivery expectations and ensuring your success.

The Three Rivers Difference

Three Rivers Consultants resolves challenges, mitigates risk, and exceeds your expectations. We understand the technical and fiscal challenges affecting you and your project. It’s not only about the end product, but also about the quality of experience and project with us as your partner.

Commitment to Sustainability

Three Rivers Consultants is recognized as leader in LEED management and construction, defining today’s high performance buildings. Led by LEED AP’s across all management levels of the company, Three Rivers Consultants has completed more than $150 million of green, energy efficient projects.

World-Class Safety Culture

By implementing aggressive standards and developing innovative safety practices, Three Rivers Consultants is routinely recognized by OSHA’s Safety Recognition Program as an industry leader.

Community Partnerships

At Three Rivers Consultants, giving back to the community is an integral part of how we do business. Being active in our local communities allows us to strengthen relationships and expand our understanding of what our neighbors need. We support and encourage our employees to be actively engaged in their communities as well. Our community partners are organizations that share our values and beliefs.

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