How We Operate Stands Us Apart

Three Rivers Consultants takes a proactive approach toward Pre-Construction and Construction Services. We collaborate with you and your design team during all aspects of your project. Our technology and resource complement our philosophy of extensive communication and pre-planning. Our operations staff is supported by an extensive pre-construction and estimating department.

Our operations staffs provide leadership and are involved with your project from the early planning phases through construction close-out. We promote team collaboration at every level and empower our field experts to make decisions that are best suited for your project. This philosophy promotes accountability and reliable communication.

Design Review

During the early phases of your project, Three Rivers Consultants acts as a liaison to both you and your design team to produce a manageable and predictable project outcome. By addressing potential challenges during development and design. Three Rivers Consultants¬†will help you avoid costly changes during construction, continually keeping your project on schedule. Three Rivers Consultants’¬†experience in a wide variety of market sectors makes us a valuable partner during the design phase of your project.

Budget and Detail Estimating

Our Pre-Construction and Estimating departments are an integral part of the success of your project. They are intimately involved with the design and engineering consultants at various phases of the design submittal, providing continual feedback on cost and feasibility issues.

Our project database contains historical construction costs, which allows us to examine proposed design solutions and provide immediate cost feedback. These comparisons are made at various design milestones throughout project.

Cost Control During Construction

Our Subcontractor and Material Status Report provides the Project Team and Management Staff with a method of tracking purchases, drawings, submittals, material delivery, and subcontractor installation processes.

Communication Tools

We communicate continuously. Three Rivers Consultants uses the latest technology and a variety of leading industry resources to effectively communicate among our project teams.

Green Energy and Renewable Energy Solutions

Three Rivers is a full Turn-Key installer with 3 components to our strategy: Development, EPC and Financing. We offer these services independent of one another, but we are most effective when performing all these disciplines together against a single project.

Services and solutions include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design and Implementation Strategies
  • Electrical, Structural, and Mechanical Engineering & Design
  • Rebate & Energy Incentive Application
  • Permitting
  • Interconnection Application
  • Construction
  • Project Management
  • Start-Up & Commissioning
  • City/County Approval
  • Maintenance

Civil Engineering Consultants